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She is awesome!!! I love her!!
I used to hate working out. She made it fun and now I love working out!! She is an inspiration with 3 kids, an amazing mom and still has the time to be an amazing trainer! Always challenging herself!!
Love her!!

Ana Sequeira

Jen knows how to work wonders
with your body and mind!!

Janine Freiha

I would highly recommend Jennifer as your fitness trainer. She came to my Villa to train me and  3 other ladies. It was a group workout. I lost at least 20 pounds in the time that I trained with Jennifer. She encouraged me and motivated me to keep going and wanted me to succeed. Her workouts were not only fun but also challenging. Many thanks to you Jennifer for teaching me things I would have not known without our your expertise. You are the best fitness trainer I have ever trained with.

Sunshine Maffi

I have never been fit in my life as I was after training with Jennifer. She is a fantastic Personal Trainer who is both talented and passionate about what she does. She takes the time to assess your current condition and help you build and achieve a fitness plan in a healthy way. She is a true professional who puts the needs of her clients first.

Working out under her professional guidance was so beneficial and helped me to establish a solid foundation upon which I can build.
During our time together, she encouraged me to push myself to do my best. I could never get myself as motivated as she is able to. She makes workout fun and I have enjoyed every minute of our training sessions.

Fatima Habaka

Always on to try new workouts and also offer lots of encouragement when the going gets tough. Positive roll model for the busy moms running after their kids but still managing to take care of themselves.

Amber Trbonja

Jen has been an inspiration, she has helped transform my mind and body. I would highly recommend Jen as a trainer to everyone. Her energy is just contagious.

Kathy Sagris

I have to say that my personal recreational time every day is very limited, nevertheless, Jenny made sure that my personal training sessions with her made my experiences memorable, efficient and above all fun. I never thought in a million years that a single handed trainer would be able to accomplish and fulfil my personal training needs the way Jenny did, and I have to thank her for her dedicated and comprehensive method that makes me want to look forward to my sessions with her every single day. If anyone out there is looking for something exceptional, Jenny is your answer.

Karim Dernaika

Jennifer walks the talk and is a living example of how a healthy fit lifestyle can transform your life. Jennifer is a mother of 3, but has the body, energy and fitness of a 25 year old. Jennifer exudes positive energy and a ‘can – do’ mentality that can motivate the laziest of us. Her knowledge and expertise on nutrition, healthy living and fitness are very impressive. Her classes are always fun, but disciplined. I enjoyed great results from my PT sessions with Jennifer.

Tanya Dernaika

Jenn is an inspiration. She makes you sweat with a smile, leads you to your best, makes you want to be fit and healthy just by looking at her! I absolutely love her JumpFit classes and I won’t miss it for the world! She’s not only very professional and committed, but she’s also so dedicated to her clients and so fun to be with!!! Jenn you are the best!

Lara Mouawad


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