Personal Training

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Personal Training

  • 1 hour Personal Training Session.

  • I train within The Lakes, Barsha and Media City Area.

  • A specific program is devised and will cater your level, needs and goals.

  • A nutritional plan is also provided to fit your caloric needs based on your age, BMI and fitness level, including what to eat before your workouts, after your workouts and amount of calories needed on training days and rest days!

Foam Rolling and Trigger Point Therapy

  • 1 hour of Personal Coaching in Foam Rolling correctly and effeciently and how to utilize Trigger Point techniques in order to move better and feel better.

  • Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, or experience chronic or debilitating pain? Foam Rolling and Trigger Point Therapy have been proven to help.

  • It will also help to improve your performance in your daily lifestyle and functional training.


Complete 1 hour of Body Weight Training. This style of training involves utilising your own body weight to become stronger and leaner, as well as learn inversions, how to headstand, handstand, and even accomplish a Human Flag.

Trampoline Cardio

Want to have fun jumping on a mini trampoline to the beat of a song! Choreographed moves where Cardio becomes fun! Book alone for a 1 hour Private Class or include you and 4 friends for a Trampoline Cardio Class all together. Location of classes is within The Lakes area.

How I Work.
Only A Few Steps Away From Your Goal.

Start From Scratch.

Know Your Body. I will help you through this process.

Decide What You Want.

Fat Loss?
Muscle Gain?

Build A Perfect Plan.

I will devise a workout program made just for you.

Work Hard. Be Patient.

You will already feel and see a difference when sticking to my workout plan for you. Guaranteed.


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