1. Check your diet and clean it up. Remove all fatty foods including bad carbs, fried foods, cakes, sweets and sodas. Bad carbs high in saturated fats are the number one culprit keeping you from loosing weight.

2. Are you sleeping enough? We all need a minimum of 6 to 7 hours nightly. A rested body leads to a rested mind, which in return leads to better focus.

3. Find a particular saying or quote to wake up to daily that will motivate you. For example, one of my clients used, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” It was here favourite quote and it kept her going!

4. Are you consuming more calories then you are active? Get active and check your calorie intake. You may be consuming more calories than your body needs or maybe not consuming enough.

5. Reward yourself with a day spa, a massage, a new dress, or something just for you that is not food related.

6. Avoid eating out at restaurants. Try to preplan and prepare your meals from home. Have the occasional dining out left to weekends.

7. Be around like minded people who will support you and not sabotage your goals. They are the ones that normally say, “Go on, one piece of cake won’t hurt.” The reality is, that one piece of cake will not lead you any steps closer to your goal, so best to commit your time to discipline and not commit a crime to indulging.

8. Lift weights! I don’t mean lift heavy. I mean lift challenging weights. The ones that will make you break a sweat and build muscle.

9.  Keep your workouts mixed and challenging. Incorporate circuits, cardio, weight and functional training to help you shed that extra weight or sculpt your body the way you want.

10. Don’t give up! Consistency is key. You can’t try one week and give up the next. You have to be accountable for over the next 4 to 12 weeks and make health and fitness a lifestyle that will continue with you everywhere you go.

If you haven’t tried making these yet! What are you waiting for! I will never buy store bought cookies again.

These are simple “No Bake” energy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or roll size bites.

It’s great mid morning treat 10 am or mid afternoon pick me up 3pm and definitely delicious with coffee  😉

All you’ll need are 4 ingredients which makes this quick and easy!

2 cups organic oats

1/2 cup organic peanut butter

1/3 cup honey

1/3 cup dark chocolate chips

1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Mix “all” the ingredients together and keep stirring until the oatmeal is blended completely with the honey and peanut butter.

Next put on your kitchen gloves and begin with a tablespoon of the mixture in your hand. Roll into a ball or flatten into a cookie with your hands. Lay on a baking sheet and repeat.

Store them in the fridge for up to 5 days if they aren’t all eaten by then! Makes About 23 mini size bites.

They are high in calories (at least 95 calories a cookie) 10g Carb/ 4g Fat but good energising treats and fats (peanut butter, honey and dark chocolate chips) and fiber (oatmeal) for fuel, also great as a pre-workout treat.

And our kids love them!!!