1. Breastfeed – Nursing will help you to regain your figure more quickly, since the process of lactation causes the uterus,which has increased during pregnancy to about 20 times its normal size, to shrink more quickly to its pre-pregnancy size. “

2. Sleep when your baby sleeps.

3. The most important fluid you’ll need to drink is water. Drink plenty of it!

4. Avoid skipping meals and eat well. Include protein at every meal. 2 to 3 fruits and 3 to 5 servings of vegetables daily. Eat only good carbs including sweet potatoes, brown rice or pasta, brown bread and oatmeal has great fuelling power.

5. Go outside daily. Nothing like fresh air after being cooped up indoors washing baby bottles and changing diapers.

6. Try not to be a Super Mom! Multitask but don’t think everything has to be done in one day. There is always tomorrow.

7. As soon as the doctor gives you clearance, join a Fitness class. Be around people who will motivate you and you’ll get back to pre-pregnancy shape in no time.

8. Get 15 minutes of sunlight daily. A nice tan, always makes you feel better and look a few kilos lighter.

9. Lift weights. Cardio is a great way to shed all those extra kilos but lifting weights is a sure way to sculpt, lift, tone and tighten all those loose areas including arms, tummy, butt and thighs.

10. Give yourself time. Be patient. Allow your body to return back to what it once was with time. The cliche’, “9 months up/ 9 months down”, stands true. Some may need more time then others. Give yourself that time.

1. Always be involved in sports from a young age! Most parents will encourage you too! Listen to them!

2. Working or having a job is not an excuse not to workout! So have your workout clothes by your bedside the night before or in your car. Workout before you head to work, or workout before you head home right after work!

3. Before marriage, after marriage, before kids, or after kids, obstacles, bumps on the road, (should only make you stronger and should be no excuse to neglect your health)  Always keep moving, keep your head held high and never let yourself go!

4. When you’re a tired Mom working at trying to balance family, work and kids, don’t forget you exist too! Take care of you, as much as you take care of your family.

5. Drink plenty of  water. Make at least 80 percent of healthy choices 6 days out of the week. Never neglect your greens and eat protein at every meal!

6. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. If you can’t, there are 16 more hours in the day to find time to rejuvenate and replenish your energy. Sleep is your number one aim to relieve stress and make it through the day.

7. Prioritise your time well. List what is important for YOU! What is important for your family! What is important has to always be at the top of your list! Eliminate anything else that is NOT important!

8. Lay out in the sun, or go outdoors and get 15 minutes of vitamin D as often as you can!! Almost daily if possible.

9. Spoil yourself. Get a massage! You deserve it!

10. Eliminate stress from your life as often as you can! Easier said then done, but you’ll know what is not bringing you joy. So don’t do it!